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In Memorium...

Military Videos & Photos

Many of the videos look excellent in full screen.  Enjoy!

Video Runtimes are posted.

***Britain’s Newest Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Takes To The Seas - 3:29***

***17 Wacky Naval Aviation Terms You May Not Know***

***Amazing Photographs Taken Aboard U.S. Carriers During WWII***

*** See What Life Is Like On A Carrier In Today’s Navy - 5:13 ***

  Intrepid, Bridging Past, Present & Future

View this inspiring video presented at the Salute To Freedom Gala in May, 2016

Situation Critical:  USS Forrestal

This is a documentary about the tragic 1967 fire aboard the USS Forrestal - 45:18

Watch this incredible US Navy Blue Angels Air Show - from inside the cockpit!!!

(All video was filmed inside the cockpit of the ‘Slot Man’ - toughest job of all) - 3:53

 Celebrate the U.S. Navy’s 240th Birthday with These Awesome Ship Photos of the Day

Check Out The Most Expensive US Warship in History -

The First-In-Class $13 Billion USS Gerald Ford - All Still Photos

USS Freedom and USS Independence - Navy’s  New Breed Littoral Ships  

Full HD Documentary from National Geographic Channel - 1:29:58

The Fallen of World War II - A Spectacular Data Visualization

A Very Moving Portrayal of Those Who Were Lost in WWII - 18:16

The Absolute Craziest Airshow You Have Ever Seen - GUARANTEED!!!

Cameron Airshow 2014, Cameron, Missouri - 4:29

A Battleship in Union Square, NYC, 1917 to 1920. The USS Recruit.  

An interesting bit of Naval History - All Still Photos

We offer our sharpest salute to Dr. Bill Krisoff - A most honorable patriot citizen - 4:23

(This piece is a Must See!)

Lea Gabrielle, Fox News, Offers Cockpit Tour of the Futuristic F-35 Stealth Fighter

(She is a former Navy F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Pilot) - 6:05

F/A-18 Super Hornets’ ‘Fun with Flying’  - 5:35


America’s Navy - Pin Map Promo Video - 1:00


America’s Navy - Carrier Strike Group Promo Video - :30

Special Warfare in the U.S. Navy - 4:16

The Largest Submarine in the U.S. Navy - 28:38


                                      U.S. Navy News from Around The Fleet - All Hands Update


                                               America’s Navy - Photo / Video / Podcast Galleries