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In Memorium...


The obituaries below are sent from Notices are sent about those who served aboard USS Intrepid and who have completed their final deployment. Reported below are the obituary links that places on their website about Former Crew Members who have passed.  If you are familiar with any person(s) listed below, you can read their complete obituary by clicking on the link listed under their name.

If you become aware of a Former Crew Member who has recently passed, kindly send that person’s information along with their survivors’ contact details to our Good and Welfare Program Chairman, FCM Charles Coppess. His E-Mail is  Please also send an E-Mail Cc… to:  Thank you.

Below are the obituary results for those who served aboard USS Intrepid as reported by

Carl Cheesman Jr.

William F. Jamison Jr.

Michael A. Vinci Sr.

Frank J. Kopich

Dennis (Denny) Tucker

Gregory Ellsworth Jackson

Melvin Jack Hudson

Charles David "Chuck" Mills

Kenneth S. Fulton

Allan R. Knivila

Erick Dan Hanson Nygaard

Laurence J. Kubat

Leon K. Insley

Dave E. Markley

James C. Koyl

Bob N. "Bobby" Mast

H. Guenther Haerle

Tex Tm Minter

Eugene Elmer "Gene" Loomis Sr.

Charles LaChance Jr.

Charles Campbell Portman

Eugene Joseph Nink