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In Memoriam...

Military Videos & Photos

Many of the videos look excellent in full screen.  Enjoy!

Video Runtimes are posted.

It Takes 41,500 Hours Of Labor To Build A Single F-35A According To New Report

Legendary Air Combat Pioneer, Vietnam F-8E Fighter Jock and F-14 Pilot Joe “Hoser” Satrapa Has Died

Why the carrier USS Gerald R. Ford is delayed again

Flight Deck Crews: Landing & Re-Spotting World War 2 Aircraft Carrier Planes

Investigation finds Navy leaders ignored warnings for years before one of the deadliest crashes in decades


Wreck of US WWII B-24 bomber discovered 74 years later near Bermuda

How one man launched a mutiny on a Nazi ship in New York City

No Equal: This Aircraft Carrier Class Fought in World War II, Korea and the Vietnam War

Living Underwater: How Submarines Work

USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker News

 Check out the latest F-35B (Marine Corps Variant) Sea Trials Aboard USS Wasp

Fight to Hawaii: How the U.S. Navy is Training Carrier Strike Groups for Future War

VIDEO: Attack Submarine USS Colorado Commissioning

In Vietnam, Turning a Camera on the War

Complete Tour | USS Intrepid | Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex

17 Wacky Naval Aviation Terms You May Not Know

Amazing Photographs Taken Aboard U.S. Carriers During WWII

See What Life Is Like On A Carrier In Today’s Navy - 5:13

Intrepid, Bridging Past, Present & Future

View this inspiring video presented at the Salute To Freedom Gala in May, 2016

Watch this incredible US Navy Blue Angels Air Show - from inside the cockpit!!!

(All video was filmed inside the cockpit of the ‘Slot Man’ - toughest job of all) - 3:53

A Battleship in Union Square, NYC, 1917 to 1920. The USS Recruit.  

An interesting bit of Naval History - All Still Photos

F/A-18 Super Hornets’ ‘Fun with Flying’  - 5:35


America’s Navy - Pin Map Promo Video - 1:00


                                      U.S. Navy News from Around The Fleet - All Hands Update