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From the moment many of us first stepped aboard this Great Lady, she has continued to remain a very singular and special presence in our lives.  The Association wants to keep that presence alive and well for all of us to continue enjoying.  This new, official website

of the Association intends to serve the Association Member as a primary source for all information relevant to the the grand history of the USS Intrepid - from the moment of her commissioning through to her end of service, and beyond.  

Since her decommissioning in 1974, Intrepid has endured many travails.  With the support, effort and determination of Zachary Fisher, he was able to save this famed aircraft carrier from the scrap heap of history to bring it to NYC in 1982, serving as the first museum. Today, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex stands as a one of a kind, National Historic Landmark museum dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of history, science and service through its collections, exhibitions and programs.  We’ve added a link to the Museum Complex on the Home Page for your convenience.  Tour our website first, and then visit the Museum’s website and be inspired and then reflect on how our great and noble ship, USS Intrepid, continues to serve.

**** 2023 FCM Association Scholarship Winners ****

We are proud to present to you our group of scholarship winners for the 2023 school year. The USS Intrepid Former Crew Members Association Scholarship Program is one of our outstanding programs which recognizes and rewards those grandchildren of our Former Crewmembers for academic excellence.  Our Scholarship Chairman, Harris Seorti, has once again performed the admirable task of making sure that those selected high school student scholarship winners are recognized for their achievements.  Well done Students. students!

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