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FORMER CREW MEMBERS ASSOCIATION, INC. In Mare       In Coelo Association Membership


USS Intrepid Former Crew Members Association, Inc.

The Membership Committee’s goal is to increase the membership of the Association.

Membership entitles you and one (1) guest to free admission to the Museum during hours of operation.  Admission is not permitted when the Museum is closed.  

Note:  If a member requires special assistance or would like to bring additional guests please contact the Association for arrangements.  The Association phone number is: 646-389-7822.

Additional membership benefits include our Association newsletter (The KETCHER Bulletin), which is published four times a year.

Members also can participate in Association events, and with eligibility, apply for College Scholarships for grandchildren of Former Crew Members.


Your dues and any donations received are used for the following programs: Bi-annual National Reunion; The KETCHER Bulletin; Local Chapter Reunions; Memorial Fund; Flag Program; Scholarship Program; Christmas Party for Disadvantaged Children and Web Hosting costs.  

Promotional USS Intrepid Former Crew Member Merchandise and Apparel is also available for Former Crew Members and non-Former Crew Members who are members in the Association.

All Former Crew Members (FCM's), including Ship’s Company (Officers and enlisted); Detachments; Squadrons and Air Groups that served aboard the Intrepid; FCM Family Members; and Veterans of any branch of the United States Military are invited to join the

USS Intrepid Former Crew Members Association, Inc.

We hope that you will consider joining us in supporting the history and memory of the

USS Intrepid and all who have served aboard her.

USS Intrepid Former Crew Members Association, Inc.

Membership Committee

“ for those who served with pride and dedication”

If you wish to discuss the benefits of membership in the Association, please contact our

Membership Committee Chairman, Robert Dunne, at:  memberscvs11@gmail.com

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