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USS INTREPID Fighting         “I”

…About the Galleries

Gallery #1

This gallery follows Former Crew Members and their families and guests arriving for the 75th Anniversary Ceremony on Thursday, August 16th and captures most of the events and guest speakers that made the day so memorable.  All images in this gallery are courtesy of Former Crew Member Aaron L. Reznick.  Running Time:  13:23.

Gallery #2:  

Continuing on in gallery #2, you’ll find a mixture of images that follow more of the Anniversary Ceremony; reunion attendees enjoying dinner and entertainment hosted by the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum an ending with images from the Seats Of Honor ceremony held on Saturday, August 18th.  The images in this gallery were courtesy of Former Crew Members Aaron L. Reznick and Danny L. Camp.  

Running Time:  14:41.

Gallery #3:  

This gallery concludes the photo journey of our 75th Commissioning Anniversary Reunion with ceremony images from the flight deck; the balance of images in this gallery cover our attendees enjoying the Saturday evening FCM Dinner Cruise aboard the Cornucopia Majesty and a number of awards issued to various Former Crew Members during the cruise.  The images in this gallery were courtesy of Former Crew Members Aaron L. Reznick and Danny L Camp.  Running Time:  16:48.


All image galleries presented above include soundtracks from Richard Rogers iconic Victory At Sea orchestral suite.  Most of us have listened to these inspiring soundtracks at one time or another which pay homage and honor to those who participated in World War II.  This is a fitting tribute to this magnificent ship which endured so much damage during that war, yet returned home victoriously along with the courageous sailors who manned her.  Some of those courageous sailors never returned.  We must remember them the rest of our days.  Live on, Intrepid.  Live on.

Using the Gallery Player

The Gallery Player was designed with ease of use in mind for the viewer.  As you roll your mouse pointer into the photo frame, the Player Controls will appear at the bottom.  To play a Gallery, simply click on one of the small, square buttons at the bottom of the frame. Clicking on the first small button on the left will begin playing Gallery #1; 2nd button begins Gallery #2, and so on. The Player Controls allow you to adjust the volume of the background music as you choose.  If you wish to mute the background music, simply click once on the speaker symbol in the lower right of the photo frame.  If you wish to view the gallery images at full screen, click the small arrows in the upper right corner of the frame. To return to the normal-sized player screen, click the arrows once more. Currently there are three (3) Photo Galleries playing in the Gallery Group.  These Galleries celebrate our 75th Commissioning Anniversary Reunion aboard Intrepid in August, 2018.