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1927   -   Jerry Gottlieb    -   2021

     Our long-time friend and member of the Former Crewmembers Association,

Jerry Gottlieb, passed-away on Sunday, June 27th, 2021.  A Plank Owner and

man of many talents, Jerry served his Country in the US Navy as a Seabee.

The Former Crewmembers Association wishes to offer Jerry’s family and other

loved ones our sincere condolences on his passing.  To Jerry Gottlieb, Seabee,

we offer you our sharpest salute and may you find

Fair Winds and Following Seas in Eternity.

Joseph W. Litchauer

March 23, 1941  -  October 12, 2021

Past President and Past Vice President

of the

USS Intrepid Former Crewmembers Association, Inc.