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FORMER CREW MEMBERS ASSOCIATION, INC. In Mare       In Coelo Fighting         “I”
USS INTREPID In Mare       In Coelo

USS Intrepid Former Crew Members Association

 *** Board of Directors & Association Officers ***

2023 to 2025

(The Association Officers & Board Members listed below were amended on Saturday, 19 AUGUST 2023)



Board Officers

President: Al Schumacher

1st VP: Aaron Reznick

2nd VP: Vacant

Treasurer: Harris Seorti

Secretary: Larry Shapiro

Board Members

Larry Arnold

Gene Austin

Robert Cassara

Chuck Coppess

Robert Dunne, Sr.

Stuart Gelband

Mike Hallahan, Sr.

Mark Herskowitz

Michael Horvath

Guy Migliaccio

Dick Mills
Bruce Roemmelt

Ralph Slane
Louis Smith

Richard Torggler

Marc Wolf
Raymond Zahra

Dr. Kenneth Marshall RIP
Neal O’Connor - Webmaster RIP
Joe Litchauer RIP

Gerald Feola RIP

Louis Beverly
Lee Heydolph

Honorary Chaplain

Fr. John R. Sheehan SJ
University of Saint Francis

Association Past Presidents

        Years Served                  Name                  Years Served on Intrepid

  1986-1987            James Blobner                      1964-1968

            1987-1989           Fred Hemmerich                  1961-1964
            1989-1991           Al Ribbe                                    1959-1960
            1991-1993           Joe Tetro                                  1959-1961
            1993-1995           Charles Wladyka                  1965-1969
            1995-1997           Robert Dougherty                1954-1956
            1997-1999           Ray Michner                           1943-1945
            1999-2001          Michael Hallahan, Sr.         1958-1959
            2001-2003         Robert Dougherty                 1954-1956
            2003-2005         John Simonetti                      1961-1962
            2005-2007         Michael Hallahan, Sr.        1958-1959
            2007-2009         Len Hittner                             1958-1963
            2009-2011          Dick Mills                                 1960-1962
            2011-2013           Robert J. Dunne, Sr.           1970-1973
            2013-2015          Joe Litchauer                          1960-1962
            2015-2017          Robert J. Dunne, Sr.            1970-1973
            2017-2019          Robert J. Dunne, Sr.            1970-1973
            2019-2023         Stu Gelband                             1970-1972
            2023-2025        Al Schumacher                        1971-1973

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